Mamelodi Shopping Centre, Mamelodi, Gauteng. MDS Architecture for McCormick Property Development.


Architect Africa reports that Mamelodi Shopping Centre is now under construction, with completion due in late 2011.

Is there really no alternative to this? A string of giant, faceless boxes in a sea of parking. With no connectedness to its urban context. South African architects and developers are capable of so much more. Aren’t they?


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10 Responses to Mamelodi Shopping Centre, Mamelodi, Gauteng. MDS Architecture for McCormick Property Development.

  1. […] Original post: Mamelodi Shopping Centre, Mamelodi, Gauteng. MDS Architecture for McCormick Property Development. […]

  2. Leon says:

    We would like to tender on Shop Fitting.

  3. PrizeFightingMagM an says:

    Hey, could you post some good architecture to put all this into perspective. A place depicting negative views is useless if aspiration is not present. Plus I would like to celebrate the good of RSA where applicable and from your posts, you would agree that we have some great architects. Also is there some way we can view some of your work, you have gotten me interested.

  4. silentbee says:

    This website consistently publishes good — or at the very least, interesting — architecture. StudioMAS have been published there. As have Vivid Architects. The later falling into the interesting category. And only just.

  5. Jason says:

    @Silentbee: As a experienced architect who “understand(s) the realities of developer-driven architecture”, I would have assumed that you would have realised the limitations of non-CAD 3D perspectives relative to CAD renderings?

    To call a graphic artist’s interpretation of an architect’s Sketch-up model as “architecture” is a fallacy from the start! MDS has won just about every RDDA design award in the past decade…for shopping malls that are a COMMERCIAL SUCCESS! We (McCormick Property) develop commercial buildings as living organsisms that thrive on the inter-relationhip between their design and the markets they serve. Ultimately these are commercial buildings that need to balance a myriad of elements to ensure their commercial success. Building Guggenheim-type museums on unlimited public funding makes it easy to get into the pages of Architect’s Digest. But will that ensure it over a million feet a month as this mall will have?? No, it won’t!!

    But that aside, I find it laughable that you, with all your experience, call a basic 3D rendering “architecture”! Perhaps you should post some photos of sucessful township malls that you have designed for us to see!?!

    Or I could post the original 3D rendering of our Edendale Mall (32 000sqm GLA), as well as the post-completion photos (2011) to show you how disparate the two can be (i.e. renderings vs reality) and how it is often only in the final construction phase that the aesthetic magic is added!!

    I look forward to posting photos of the real product post completion…as well as the patronage data to show the insignificantly epidermal nature of your criticism!

    It’s all about context Sir/Madam. This is a township mall that will pump…irrepective of the fact that its not the Guggenheim!!

  6. Jason says:

    But yes, admittedly the rendering referred to above is crap! I assure you that the reality will be far more impressive!

  7. Track Bids says:

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  8. FIFA says:

    Great info. Lucky me I found your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have bookmarked it for later!

  9. Mohammad Mazharul Islam says:

    I am looking for the space mamelodi shopping centre

  10. Islam says:

    I am looking for the space mamelodi shopping centre

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