Six, Cape Town CBD. Arthur Quinton & Darryl Croome Architects for Leisure Development.


Excuse the terrible photo. If you have a better one, please add it to Flickr.

Edit: More images and discussion at Via rfataar on Flickr.  

I’ve spotted this a number of times on my way into and out of Cape Town CBD. I’ve watched its construction over the past months, and it’s bothered me. I wasn’t sure why. And then they painted the top grey!


I realised that the building has no roof. No top. At least not any meaningful top. Not a top that responds to the scale of the building. It’s all… middle! Well, perhaps there’s a bottom too. You can’t see that from the highway and I can’t really be bothered to go look.

The building goes all the way up and then—apart from that limp-wristed, skinny metal lid—it’s just sky! Simply painting the upper floor grey does not a top make.


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