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Stauch Vorster Architects. Lame Website is Lame.


A commenter noted that Matlosana Mall might be the work of Stauch Vorster Architects. I headed straight for their website for evidence and immediately thought that the internet had its tubes crossed. You see, Stauch Vorster’s website is pretty-much an exact copy of Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s lovely website. Except less usable. Lame.

Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Stauch Vorster Architects

Dear Architects : I Am Sick of Your Shit.


Another open letter. I found it over at Myninjaplease, but it seems it was first printed in the Princeton School of Architecture’s Pidgin Magazine.


Do not get me wrong, architects. I like you as a person. I think you are nice, smell good most of the time, and I like your glasses. You have crazy hair, and if you are lucky, most of it is on your head. But I do not care about architecture. It is true. This is what I do care about:

* burritos
* hedgehogs
* coffee

As you can see, architecture is not on the list.

No, Pat, You’re Wrong!


Apparently Pat Flanagan, who is responsible for the development of many of South Africa’s major shopping centres – including Riverside Mall, Nelspruit; Somerset Mall, Somerset West; Northgate, Randburg – thinks we need more. But then I guess he would.

Um. No.

On an economic level, there are those that dissagree. I don’t know much about that, but on an urban level, well, malls are anti-urban! They unsustainable. They’re generally awful to look at. And unless South African developers and architects can reinvent the typology, make them more respectful of the uniqueness of place, less ‘fuck you, city’, I’m not sure we really do need any more.

If we really do need more retail facilities, which I’m sure many under-serviced areas do, then we need something other than big-box solutions. But fine-grained, sound urban solutions won’t make Pat and his ilk a lot of money fast. And that’s really what Pat’s after. Money. At the expense of the people who really live in the cities.

You want to proliferate ‘fuck you, city’ urbanism? Well, fuck you, Pat!

Dear Other Architects.


Charles Holland, director at FAT, an award winning architectural practice based in London, writes a cynical open letter to Other Architects on his Fantastic Journal. He insists we should all stop entering architectural competitions. He gives ten reason. I think he might be right.

They are a pretty terrible way of procuring a building. Imagine a system where you want something but you’re not sure exactly what it is. So you make a list of things you think you want and invite everyone in the world to send you their ideas for what it looks like. You have no other interaction with them, communicate – if at all – by email and, in the end, hope for the best and pick the one you fancy. This is the architectural competition process. It’s similar to internet dating, but less fun.

Matlosana Mall, Klerksdorp. Stauch Vorster Architects for Abacus Asset Management


Another mall. No, really, another one. Doesn’t Klerksdorp already have two? How many malls can a town that size sustain?


At least there’s a giant, swooshy roof to distract us from what will inevitably be another faceless box in the landscape.

Perhaps it’s a metaphor for the death of another small town centre. The death of resposible urbanism in modern-day South Africa. The death of another investment fund duped into backing 60,000 squares of unnecessary, ill-conceived, ill-fated retail architecture.


Anyone know who the architects on this one are?

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Rendered Image vs. Reality


I’ve noted this before, and it’s something that’s bothered me for a while. We architects often take wild liberties with our rendered images. Especially in South Africa, in my experience. And often, for numerous reasons, the architecture is savagely watered down after the visuals are completed. Sadly the same visuals are used to sell the scheme. And that’s a lie.

Anyway, Archdaily has a an old, but interesting post on the subject. And this is linked to in the comments.

I’m pretty sure that RAFAA’s Solar City Tower competition entry for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will suffer the same fate as Olafur Eliasson’s Water Fall linked to above.


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Article: The best and worst of SA architecture


Times Live asks some of South Africa’s top architects about the buildings that inspire and appall them. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of these top architects.

Does South Africa have a characteristic style of architecture? Is it Cape Dutch, mud hut, concrete slab or corrugated iron shanty? Is it retro-futuristic such as the Hillbrow Tower or modern innovation like the Constitutional Court?